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Howtos added

I have added some Howtos to my page. From now on I will no longer carry my laptop home with me. Instead of this I sync my laptop home directory with my usb stick and at home I sync it to my desktop home directory. The full Howto can be found here.

My wine installing Howtos for Corel Draw 11 and KS Magellan can be found here.

MyBlog 2.0

The source code for MyBlog 2.0 is now available on my page. At the moment I work at an anti-spam version of MyBlog. In contrast to the just published version it will tag a new database entry as "unpublished" and inserts two links into the notification mail to delete the entry or to publish it. Moreover, the fields will be named with fictional names such that an bot hopefully will not be able to identify the fields as name, email, website and text fields.

IE & Konquerer

I am not a friend of the IE. Nevertheless, I have heared that there are some people who use it.Today I have investigated some time to let the page look like a homepage at the IE and Konquerer. If anyone finds a page on my domain that looks ugly and he/she assumes that this might be caused due to incompatibility between the html source and the browser I would be happy if he/she contacts me.

New Categories

Today I published several new categories on my webpage:

  • Software: Here you can find some of my software projects
  • System: Here you can find my system configuration including hardware, operating systems and software

Moreover several other categories have been restructured.