Magellan eXplorist 210 not recognized anymore

Some days ago, we hiked with our colleagues on a small trip around the Rursee next to Monschau.
Coming back, we tried (after a long long time) to download the track (way we hiked) for providing a nice picture of the tour to our colleagues.
Supriseingly no computer was able to communicate with our eXplorist 210.

Linux’s dmesg said something like

usb 4-2.3: device not accepting address 13, error -32

Well – a quick web search leads to a lot of forum posts and the only solution I ever read: Hand it back to your local dealer – its broken!
After another geocaching trip I thought: Something IS different…
Solution: The cable could easily be connected the wrong way around.
It even looks like it has to be the otherway!
So – double check this:

Wrong: cable goes to top! Right: Calble goes to bottom
Wrong! Right!

I could imagine a lot of people, who use computer connection just sometimes, could fall into this trap.

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